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Warhammer Fantasy


Beast of Chaos | Knights of Brettonia | Daemons of Chaos
Intr-o lume a legendelor, eroii conduc armatele proprii impotriva intunericului.
Warhammer 40000


Daemons of Chaos | Chaos Space Marines
In intunericul nemilos al viitorului, razboiul domina... detalii.
Lord of the rings


Gondor and Arnor | Kingdom of Rohan
Intra in batalia pentru posesia "inelului". detalii.


Battleflet Gothic
In secolul 41, razboiul se duce in galaxie. detalii.


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Witch Hunters Death-Cult Assassins Witch Hunters Death-Cult Assassins
Death cults can be found on many Imperial worlds, offering those they slay to the Emperor; a payment for the blood-debt all Mankind owes Him. An Inquisitor can make use of such devotees, their skill and prowess in the arts of death making them excellent executioners and infiltrators. Death cultists employ ...
Space Marines with Assault Weapons Space Marines with Assault Weapons
This set contains parts to make two Space Marines, one armed with a meltagun and one armed with a plasma gun. A variety of body designs are available and are supplied at random. Models supplied with 25mm round bases....
Sisters Repentia Sisters Repentia
Confession and penance are part of a Sister's everyday existence, those who fall short of the rigorous codes may find themselves banded into groups and led into battle in an attempt to earn redemption. This set contains 3 metal Sisters Repentia...
Witch Hunters Callidus Assassin 1 Witch Hunters Callidus Assassin 1
The Callidus Temple is the most subtle of the ancient hidden temples of the Officio Assassinorum, specialising in the artful deception of the enemies of the Imperium. A Callidus Assassin gets close to enemy commanders or powerful psykers, influencing their strategy and finally killing them when the opportunity ...

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