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Warhammer Fantasy


Beast of Chaos | Knights of Brettonia | Daemons of Chaos
Intr-o lume a legendelor, eroii conduc armatele proprii impotriva intunericului.
Warhammer 40000


Daemons of Chaos | Chaos Space Marines
In intunericul nemilos al viitorului, razboiul domina... detalii.
Lord of the rings


Gondor and Arnor | Kingdom of Rohan
Intra in batalia pentru posesia "inelului". detalii.


Battleflet Gothic
In secolul 41, razboiul se duce in galaxie. detalii.


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My models
Space Marine Land Raider Space Marine Land Raider
The Landraider is the single most destructive weapon in the Adeptus Astartes' arsenal. Protected by bonded ceramite and adamantium armour, the Landraider is impervious to all bar the most destructive weaponry. Equally impressive are its armaments - four lascannon and twin-linked heavy bolters allow ...
Sister Superior with Power Sword and Bolter Sister Superior with Power Sword and Bolter
The Sisters of Battle are the fighting force of the Orders Militant. Orphans raised by the Schola Progenium, Battle Sisters are well disciplined and highly devoted to the Emperor. They are trained in the use of weapons from an early age and have an unquenchable faith in the God-Emperor of Mankind. This ...
Daemonhunter Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Coteaz & Retinue Daemonhunter Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Coteaz & Retinue
Utterly dedicated and utterly ruthless, Coteaz is a terrifying figure. His retinue numbers in the thousands and he is able to command the holiest of men, warriors beyond compare and the finest minds the Collegias can produce. Even after years of service Coteaz has never lost his desire to confront ...
Chaos Space Marines Terminator Lord Chaos Space Marines Terminator Lord
Chaos Lords are the most powerful of the Chaos Space Marines. With the genetic advantages of a Space Marine and the blessings of the Dark Gods there are few more dangerous entities in the galaxy. This Lord is clad in Terminator armour and can be armed with a variety of weapons. This boxed set contains ...

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